Catherine Lafferière nude

Also known as: Catherine Laferriere / Catherine Laferrière

Jacqueline Laurent

Also known as: Jacqueline Auger / Jacqueline Auger-Laurent / Madelaine Laforet / Jacqueline Laurent-Auger

Lina Romay

Also known as: Rosa María Almirall / Betty Carter / Sonia Colbert / Jean Collins / Candice Coster / Candy Coster / Lola Falana / Lennie Hayden / Lulu Laverne / Lulú Laverne / Jane Morgan

Pamela Stanford

Also known as: Monique Delaunay / Pamela Standford / Paméla Standford

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Les possédées du diable

Alternative titles: "Lorna - O Exorcista", "Caresses de chattes", "Les possédées du démon", "Lorna, l'exorciste", "Sexy diabolic story", "Exorcism", "Лорна-экзорсист", "Одержимая дьяволом", "Linda", "Lorna . . . the Exorcist" and "Lorna the Exorcist"

Released: 1974

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Duration: 2322 sec.

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Nudity: yes

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DevilWorks: Catherine Lafferière or Jacqueline Laurent or Lina Romay or Pamela Stanford
IMDb: Catherine Lafferière / Jacqueline Laurent / Lina Romay / Pamela Stanford
IMDb: "Les possédées du diable" (1974)

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